Our Story

Headquartered in mid-town Toronto, our office is filled with an eclectic team of people who live and breathe design. Camp RIGHTSLEEVE began with an inventive approach to integrating design and products — our team embodies that spirit.

Our goal is simple: When someone gets a piece of your swag, we want them to respond by saying "I love this."

Since 2000, we have built custom branded apparel programs, offered online ordering solutions, and guaranteed outstanding service and on time delivery, every time. Camp RIGHTSLEEVE's management team has a combined 50 years of camp experience, and a passion for design and technology. Our combined passion for camp, design & technology is the foundation of Camp RIGHTSLEEVE's success.

Commitment to Quality

Coming up with the perfect branded merchandise is no simple feat but it is one that we are committed to. We track trends, find cool new ideas, and source high-quality, innovative products. From the time that your start a project with us to the time it is delivered and beyond, your dedicated Camp RIGHTSLEEVE team goes the extra mile to make sure you're satisfied.

On the phone, by email, in person, by tweet, by Facebook, in the rain, on a train — we keep our clients in the loop to make sure all bases are covered and needs are met.

A Different Approach

Our philosophy is to apply unique designs to superior quality merchandise and create a complete program that works within your brand. Our in-house designers are young and adventurous and understand the camp market completely. We build brand integrity with innovative concepts and unique applications. Most importantly, we have a watchful eye on the latest trends and fashions that will capture the attention of the hypercritical youth market.

Meet the Team

Let's Change Swag

Name your camp marketing objective and we'll use our wide range of promotional products to help you get there. A strong focus on results and ROI drives every promotion we design. Years of working with demanding and discerning camp directors have taught us that a good clothing and merchandise program can deliver a better ROI than a traditional advertising program. With good merchandise, your campers are walking billboards for your camp brand throughout the year and we know how to choose products that your campers and staff will want to wear all the time.

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